Thursday, June 21, 2012

Review - To the Vanishing Point by Alan Dean Foster

How we spent our cosmic vacation. It's just a boring drive through the Nevada desert - until the Sonderberg family pick up a beautiful young hitchhiker named Mouse and find themselves on a wild, careening ride down the exit ramp to Hell. It seems the entire universe is doomed unless Mouse, a transdimensional alien, can find and heal the dying cosmic Spinner who controls the very fabric of reality. And if she-and now the Sonderbergs-can escape the evil anarchis, the incarnate primal Chaos.

Suddenly attacked by a demonic gas station attendant ax-wielding rats and fire-breathing cops, the Sonderberg family must ecome warriors in a now mystical motor home and battle pangalactic diners, weird worlds, impossible voids, and brain-bending realms of madness. They're driving into a fantastic nightmare to save all creation at the Vanishing Point on the Cosmic Road...

Which happens to be U.S. Interstate 40.

Frank Sonderberg is the dad and the mastermind behind driving a motor home to Vegas  instead of taking a plane. He wanted to enlighten his children, Wendy and Steven. However, it wasn't that long into the trip before he realized this was a fruitless quest. Wendy is only interested in her Walkman and the heavy metal coming out of the headphones. Steven is only interest in when the next food stop will be. His wife Alicia didn't want to go the road trip way either, but knew Frank wanted to so she tries to make the best of it.

It isn't long before they pick up Mouse, the hitchhiker with a voice. They have this wonderful adventure in Hell.

I love that the road trip from Hell becomes the road trip in Hell. Alan Dean Foster is a wonderful author. He has an excellent attention to detail. He makes the different worlds the family visits come to life. There is one place where they are under water and the fish are special fish. We lose a character at this point in the story, he goes off to join the fish.

All in all this is a wonderful story and I highly recommend it to all readers.