Monday, March 7, 2011

Review Whitechapel Gods

Whitechapel Gods by S. M. Peters is the first steampunk book I have read. Peters paints a world where the sun never penetrates the smog, and the villains never seem to die. There are two gods that rule the closed off world of Whitechapel, Grandfather Clock and Mama Engine. Grandfather clock is all about things working in harmony. Mama Engine is all about desires.

The main characters are trying to put the control of Whitechapel back into the hands of men, battling monsters beyond imagination. These monsters are men who have by turning to worship the two gods are transformed into part man part machines, with oil and blood in their veins. The followers of Mama Engine have furnaces burning inside, while Grandfather Clocks' have steel and steam.

There is also a strange disease that is attacking the regular masses. The disease is turning ordinary people into part machine part humans, with no cure in sight.

The uprisers have insurmountable odds to overcome before the end of the battle.

All in all Peters has written an excellent tale of man versus cult mentality, with a healthy dose of the dehumanizing effect of the Industrial Revolution.

Whitechapel Gods

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  1. Great Review! I can't wait til you start on the Mystical Book Blog Tours:)